Client and Therapist Comments

I am tremendously grateful to have been awarded a grant from the Yellow Heart Trust.  Having struggled for many years, and having exhausted the resources available under the NHS, I can now continue my fight to overcome the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  I cannot express my gratitude.
— Bowlby Centre client

The Yellow Heart Trust has helped my client in a practical way at a time of financial difficulty. It allows her to move to a different level of reflection and action: now. The outcomes are already tangible in our work. Your support is real, concrete and symbolic.
— Burma Road therapist

Through this funding, I am creating a pathway to feeling stable and secure again and developing essential coping strategies for the rest of my life. I couldn’t do it without the Trust’s essential help.
— Arbours Association client

It is very touching to know that all the victims of this disaster are being remembered through the fund in such a positive way. It matters a great deal to receive the right treatment when you are in trouble.
— A Marchioness survivor

Funding from the Yellow Heart Trust has allowed me to explore and understand the reasons behind my addictive behaviour, such as a lack of self-confidence and social anxiety. I now feel much stronger in social situations, where friends have been drinking and taking drugs and I haven’t felt the need or desire to join in. This has further increased my confidence.

Without that help from the Trust, I wouldn’t have been able to get to the place I am in now and I am extremely grateful for your help. Thank you.
— Burma Road client

I feel deeply blessed to have had this opportunity to try and understand myself more clearly. Thank you so much for enabling me to have access to this while not working. With deep gratitude and deep bows.
— Flame Centre client

The Yellow Heart Trust’s funding for therapy has made it possible for Arbours to help individuals who were traumatized and found it very difficult to cope. This vital support and intervention has enabled them to re-establish trust and hope for the future.
— Arbours Association therapist

Therapy has been a mental oasis where I can talk without the worry of saying anything that might upset or offend my loved ones and get some perspective from my therapist. I am very grateful to the Yellow Heart Trust for their support in allowing me to continue with what is such an important part of my life.
— Bowlby Centre client

I thought I couldn’t continue with therapy, at a time when I am at last ready to tackle this issue. Had it not been for this support, I would have denied this to myself, justified by my circumstances. You and I know this always ends up happening. But it is not happening this time! Thank you.
— Burma Road client

It has been such a dream to offer relief from trauma to people who could otherwise not afford to pay for the help they need. One client was so grateful when at assessment I suggested we apply for your funding that she burst into tears.
— Clinical Director, Flame Centre

I was offered ten sessions through Yellow Heart and having weekly therapy made all the difference to my behaviour patterns and the trauma that lay at the heart of it all.

I am eternally grateful for being offered this funding and I am excited about the ways I can contribute to the world as a stronger, happier, more robust person.
— Flame Centre client