Apply to The Yellow Heart Trust

People likely to benefit from the help of the Trust would be those unable to fund further therapeutic input. It would include those who have received treatment, inpatient or outpatient, for the present problem and the underlying issues but who need to continue the process of understanding and change, mostly emotional. Alongside this would be the need to accept themselves and others, rebuild their self-esteem and come to be more emotionally responsible and available. The spiritual well being of the individual is very important and this in itself may support therapy. 

The Trust can offer support through small grants of £250-£750, which will help pay for continued professional treatment.

Who can apply?

Anyone suffering from single incident post-traumatic stress disorder and/or issues relating to addiction.

How do I apply?


To apply for support, please download and fill in the Application Form:

Download the Application Form as a Word document.
Download the Application Form as a PDF.

All applications are treated in strict confidence.

Only applicants completing the necessary forms correctly can be considered as eligible for an award and trustees cannot comment on successful or unsuccessful applications.



Please note that all applications must be submitted on the official application form, and verified by your therapist.