Inside The Priory

"A fascinating glimpse behind the curtain of a hospital normally closed to the public. Stories of extraordinary staff and patients – common sense, wisdom and eccentricity. Highly informative, poignant and funny."    Jeremy Thomas,
co-author of You Don’t Have To Be Famous To Have Manic Depression 


Dee Bixley worked at The Priory for fifteen years, and was so absorbed by her time there that she felt compelled to gather this record together. She wanted to ensure that the collective human endeavour involved in getting people well at The Priory is not forgotten.

In this unique book, doctors and staff talk about life inside The Priory, a hospital renowned as a leader in the world of psychiatry. Patients, who show such courage in meeting the challenges life has thrust upon them, also tell their stories.

Dee’s story is here too, as the issues that arose in her own life began to echo those of the patients around her.

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Dee Bixley, one of the trustees of the YHT and founder of Rob's Wish fund has kindly donated all proceeds of the book, Inside The Priory, to the YHT.

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